The Products of Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited

Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited offers a wide range of products that meet the needs of its clients. Divide insurance products into two main categories:

1. Personal Insurance
2. Business Insurance

In 02 categories these insurances were divide into a variety of products that meet the needs of customers
such as:

1. The Personal Insurance Consists of :

1. Home Insurance

2. Vehicle Insurance

3. Travel Insurance

4. Life Insurance

2. Business Insurance Consists of:

Out big client

Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited professional in national insurance business and understands the requirements. Customer authenticity makes us aim to offer a wide range of services to our customers at all levels:

1. Private Companies, NGOs and others.
2. Hotel and Restaurant Businesses around the Country.
3. Government, Private and Project Car Insurance.
4. Businesses, traders in all over the Country.

Agent of Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited

Currently, Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited are represented by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Consulting of insurance products as per the requirement of the consumer and Sokxay Insurance Sole company also has a well-trained litigation employee and follows the strategic point of view of the whole country when your accident occurs. According to the vision of the Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited of 2020 “Friendly, Good Forever” Representative information throughout the country:

− Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited has 100 agents up to the nationwide distribution.
− Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited that have hosted hospital beds
in neighboring countries (Thailand) 284 Hospitals.
− Hospitals and Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited also partners with more than 30
hospitals in the Lao PDR

Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited, such as MOU, and Overseas Insurance Companies

Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited has created a partnership for Continuing Insurance to support the service, to create trust to customers provided by the insurance company and as an insurance leader in Lao PDR, we also signed MOU in partnership with the insurance company. The world’s largest foreign reinsurer to provide agility and support for all business units Services with Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited include:

Weaknesses of the Insurance Company Limited

1. Company that has been in the top leading company from Laos with financial strength and long experience in customer service.
2. The availability and expertise of each and every insurance coverage is complete as long as the diversity in the types of insurance products gives customers the choice and meet the needs of their clients.
3. Collateral Assurance Certificate to build trust for a wide range of clients, in direct partnership with leading global insurance companies with long-standing experience in risk management.
4. International standard services, pay prompt and fair compensation, do not take advantage of clients with a Hotline: Hotline: 0205840 4044, 020 59404044 throughout the 24-hour service.

Head office of Sokxay Insurance

  • Address: Khamphengmuang Road, Unit: 12, Thatluang Khang Village, Xaysetha District,
    Vientiane Capital, Laos PDR.
  • Office Number:

    • (+856 021) 221 210

  • Claim Hotline:

    • (+856 020) 5944 4044
    • (+856 020) 5844 4044

  • Email:

Sokxay Insurance cover hospital in Lao Check list


About Us

Briefing Information by Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited

Sokxay Insurance Sole Company Limited is a Lao Insurance Company which is one of the Company’s
subsidiaries Sokxay Group. Which operates on a wide range of trades such as modern lottery, consumer
goods and consumer goods, importers, demo and metro, Lotteria Korean Restaurant, Mini, petrol station,
Samsung brand phone and Iphone and also in the construction business, real estate, microfinance
institutions and most recently. Established Lone Insurance Company Limited on 06 November 2019 with
permission from Department of State-Owned Enterprises and Insurance management (Lao PDR), in
Business 02: General Insurance and Insurance with a registered capital of 32,000,000,000 LAK, composite
with Non-life Insurance offers a life of insurance services. It meets the needs of all clients, businesses,
companies, organizations and other sectors. With the vision of the company “Sokxay Insurance Friendship