Sokxay Chaluen Concrete

The Company was established in 2010 under Sokxay Chaleun Group. The company has been reliable and trustworthy to customers. The concrete factory consists of manufacturing of Liquid Concrete, Prestressed Concrete Piles and Prestressed Floors.
1.    Prestressed Concrete Piles and Prestressed Floors Factory
The Factory has produced the international standard of the prestressed floors, which are comprised of 107 steel tendons with 400 Kilograms of concrete. The Factory has manufactured a high quality, solid and durable floors, which will be stored for 4 days before sending out to the customers. We provides cranes, which can carry and deliver 3 levels of prestressed floors, and also have our specialists, who have many years of experiences in the field, to measure and explain about the quality and floor installation process.

2.    Liquid Concrete Factory
The Factory has more than 20 concrete trucks and 3 compressed trucks ready to serve our customers. The weights of our concrete starts from 200-250 Kilograms, 300-350 Kilograms and 400-450 Kilograms and others depending on the requirements or needs of the customers. Our factory has the capacity to produce 500-600 cubic meters per day. Furthermore, we provide stone crushing service with the capacity of 500 cubic meters.