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Sokxay Microfinance Institute

Sokxay Microfinance Institute Co. Ltd was established on 12 December 2014. The Company is comprised of a shareholder, management committee, director and employees who are qualified, competent and modern to ensure the delivery of quality customer services. We have developed constantly in the areas of human resources, specialty and system, which utilizes contemporary technology to provide loans to promote and develop small and medium enterprises in all business industries, and to offer modern deposit system, called "Teller or Akat MFI, which allows our customers to explore online. We are the first Microfinance Institute to provide online deposit service by using Tablet or mobile phone. 

1.    Deposits
•    Savings Deposit
•    Fixed Deposit for 3 months
•    Fixed Deposit for 6 months
•    Fixed Deposit for 12 months
•    Fixed Deposit for 24 months
•    Fixed Deposit for 36 months
•    Fixed Deposit for 48 months 
•    Fixed Deposit for 60 months
2.    Loans
•    General Loans
•    Business Loans
•    Special Loans
•    Emergency Loans
•    Loans for staff
3.    Lottery Payment Service for Sokxay Lottery
4.    Quick Money Transfer (MoneyGram)


Interest Rates
1.    Deposit Interest Rates:

                   Types    Interest Rate % /Year (KIP)
  Savings Deposit                4.00%
 Fixed Deposit for 6 months                7.00%
  Fixed Deposit for 6 months                7.00%
  Fixed Deposit for 12 months                11.00%
  Fixed Deposit for 24 months                12.00%
  Fixed Deposit for 36 months                13.00%
  Fixed Deposit for 48 months                14.00%
  Fixed Deposit for 60 months                15.00%




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ເມືອງ ໄຊເສດຖາ ນະຄອນຫຼວງຈັນ

ເບີໂທ: +(856)21 264 858-110-113

           030 5384 597


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